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7 golden rules for getting rid of belly fat

7 golden rules for getting rid of belly fat
Πίνακας περιεχομένων

7 golden rules for getting rid of belly fat forever:

1. Stop drinking alcohol
Alcohol affects hormones that control appetite, hunger & stress. It's also high in empty calories making it more likely to increase your abdominal fat. Want a slim belly? Just live a sober life.

2. Match your carbohydrate intake to your activity levels
Carbs are fuel for performance. If you're largely sedentary then eat less of them. If you're an active person then eat more of them. Carbs are a tool for energy. Match them to fit your lifestyle.

3. Use the Lean Body Water System
Drink water upon waking. Drink water before & after meals. Don't drink water while eating meals. Drink water between meals instead of snacking. This helps you stay fuller throughout the day, which prevents you from eating.

4. Eat a protein rich single ingredient nutrient dense diet.
Eat 8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Aim to get 90% of your calories from whole unprocessed sources. Protein is satiating & whole foods contain more fiber, which will help you feel fuller for  longer.

5. Use the gym to gain muscle;
Cardio doesn't burn as many calories as you think. Yet weight training helps you build muscle, which increases your metabolic rate & helps you burn fat in your sleep. Instead of jumping on a cardio machine to burn fat use weights for that job.

6. Manage your stress levels
When you live a high stress life your body produces more cortisol. This increases the accumulation of fat around your belly by increasing your appetite causing you to eat more. To battle stress take walks & spend time in nature. In short, recover.

7. Prioritize quality sleep
Lack of sleep increases your appetite, ruins your energy levels & increases hunger. Studies show that people who sleep 5.5 hours or less a night eat an extra 385 calories or more a day. Want a smaller belly? Get better sleep.

Bonus - Eat less trans fats
Trans fats have been linked to inflammation, insulin resistance & abdominal fat gain. They are found in foods like margarine, chips & fried foods. Make sure to look at the labels of the foods you eat & avoid foods containing trans fats.

Source: by Spring knowledge
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